Online Safety

At The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College we are committed to ensuring that students are safe whilst in the online world. Some of the ways that we ensure they stay safe are listed below:

  • Computing teachers deliver a unit of work on e-safety to students at the beginning of every term in Key Stage 3.

  • Students in Key S 4 who study both ICT or Computer Science learn about e-safety as part of the syllabus.

  • PSHE deliver e-safety in across all year groups.

  • Assemblies on e-safety are delivered

  • Safer Internet Day is celebrated within the school

  • We have delivered information sharing events for parents and carers

  • Teachers and support staff receive at least online safety training annually with plans in place to increase this.

  • The school is currently working towards the ‘360 Safe’, e-safety accreditation.

  • If a someone is in danger please report it immediately to one of CEOP’s Child Protection Advisors -

Safe Social Media Use

We recommend that all students, parents and carers, and staff should protect themselves online by undertaking the following checks on their social media accounts; please click on the links below.

Facebook Checklist
Twitter Checklist
Instagram Checklist
Snapchat Checklist Online Safety Guidance
Online Safety Checklist

There is some excellent information for students of various ages, for parents and for teachers at The website promotes online safety and highlights how to report inappropriate online behaviour. For further information regarding online safety, parents and carers should visit.

We also reccomend these posters which share key internet safety messages about the most popular social media apps. Social media is an important tool to stay connected but it is also importatnt to understand how it can have a negative impact on wellbeing if it is used in the wrong way.