The Avon Valley Experience

The Avon Valley School has at its heart the desire to develop our students to understand their rights and responsibilities and to be compassionate and caring members of society. Alongside a strong academic education, the school works to develop these characteristics through a variety of opportunities that are open to all. We have chosen to focus on five key areas of school life:

Charities and Social Action

Our aim for every student at The Avon Valley School is to help them develop into compassionate young people who recognise and support the needs of those who are vulnerable. Throughout the school year there are many opportunities for students to help with charitable collections and events and learn how to make positive contributions to society. Click here to read more

Educational Trips and the Residential Experience

We believe that it is vital that our students have the opportunity to learn about life outside their local area and we provide regular opportunities for trips and visits. One of the greatest experiences a young person can have is the opportunity to take part in a residential trip and all students are offered this opportunity in year 7 and 8. For many students this may be their first time away from home and it is a memory that will last a lifetime. We want to develop independence and resilience in our students and believe that a residential trip is a major event in a young person’s life. Click here to read more

Sporting Opportunities

Whether students demonstrate a natural aptitude for sport or just enjoy getting involved in a competitive/recreational environment, sports and games offer many development opportunities to young people. We aim to ensure that students develop an appreciation of sport and an understanding of the health advantages that exercise brings. This allows students to make positive lifestyle choices post-16. We also aim to provide opportunities for developing communication and leadership skills which will help students in any future work environment. Click here to read more

Cultural and Creative Experiences

We place huge importance on providing numerous opportunities for our students to experience cultural and creative opportunities. We aim to broaden horizons with visits to art galleries, theatres, museums, historical sites, the outdoor environment and places of educational interests. Click here to read more

Journeys and Destinations

The Avon Valley School values each individual and encourages every child to engage with us and aspire to fulfil their potential. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed and make a positive difference in the world. We have a well-developed careers programme that enables students to develop an understanding of themselves as unique individuals and to recognise the possible career paths and destinations available to them. Click here to read more