Avon Valley Students Perform Well in Interviews

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All Year 11 students at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have recently been put through their paces and quizzed in an interview as part of the school’s careers programme.

Over two days, more than 200 Year 11 students have had an interview to help them be better prepared for the interviews they’ll attend as part of the application process at sixth form, college and post-16 destinations. As part of the process the students had to write a CV before heading to a 15 minutes interview.

The school’s Year 10 prefects also had opportunity to participate in an interview to help them prepare for the student leadership interviews they will have later on in the year.

A large number of the interviews were conducted by staff from Barclay’s who volunteered their time as part of Barclay’s Colleagues in the Community Scheme, alongside volunteers from other organisations. The volunteers took time to read each student’s CV, and ask a range of interview questions, before offering valuable feedback and advice to the students.

Year 11, Head Girl, Courtney Williams, said: “I found the mock interviews really useful because I tend to stress a lot about the unknowns of a situation but, because of the mock interview, I now know what to expect and am a lot less worried for when I do the real thing.”

Lisa Owen, Careers Lead, “I was really proud of all the students who took part in these interviews – whilst this took them out of their comfort zone, they all gave a very good account of themselves. The feedback we received was glowing.”

Alison Davies, Headteacher, said: “As a school we invest a lot of time and energy into our careers programme. Delivering a large event like this takes a huge amount of planning and I very grateful to Mrs Owen, our careers lead, for putting this event together. I am also very grateful to all the volunteers, especially Barclay’s, who gave their time to support our students on their educational journey.”