Music Lessons

Group and Individual Lessons


In an effort to make instrumental and vocal lessons as accessible as possible we have three options available (where student uptake allows group lessons to take place) as detailed below. We dostill suggest however that parents and carers consider individual lessons, especially when a student is of grade III standard and above.


Pupil Premium

Student in receipt of Pupil Premium will be allowed to use the money to fund part of the lessons.

GCSE Music Subsidy

In response to the changing demands of all the new GCSE Music syllabuses students studying for GCSE Music in Key Stage IV will be in receipt of a 50% discount from the cost of instrumental or vocal lessons. (Students studying for a GCSE in music are now
expected to reach at least a grade 3/4 standard in performance to meet the demands of the new specifications).

Graded examinations

There are various examination boards offering graded examinations for students. They are designed to motivate instrumental and singing students of all ages and a wide range of abilities. Most have 8 grades available, Grades 1 to 8 and provide:

  • progressive goals to aim for

  • recognition for achievement

  • carefully structured syllabus requirements

  • one-to-one assessment by an expert professional

  • an objective guide to a candidate’s skills and progress

Should a student decide to enter for a graded examination the cost will be in addition to the cost of lessons in school including the cost of an accompanist.

Instruments & Hire of Instruments

We do hold a variety of instruments which are available to hire if required (subject to availability and agreement). There are also Drums, Pianos, Stage Pianos and Guitars which are free to use for students taking lessons on these instruments.

Instrumental and Vocal Teachers

Miss. Emma Griffiths (Director of the Avon Valley Choir and String Group)

Mr. Andy Walker 
Bass and Electric Guitars

Mr. Steven George
Acoustic Guitar & Ensemble

Mrs. Samantha Cheetham
Piano & Flute

For further details please contact us on 01788 542 355 Or via email on:

Elisa Wheatley — Faculty Leader of Performing Arts

Mr Jake Collins — Subject Leader of Music