Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL faculty at The Avon Valley School believe that learning a language is an exciting and enjoyable challenge which enables students to explore new linguistic skills and learn about other cultures. 

In Year 7 all students learn French. In Year 8, students with an aptitude for French also have the opportunity to study a second language, either Spanish or German.

In Year 9 students can continue to study French, Spanish or German.

Each year the faculty runs overseas residential trips to give students the opportunity to practise their language skills and experience being in a different country. 

A brief overview of the topics covered by the faculty.

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Year 8
Year 9

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Courses currently offered by the faculty 


AQA GCSE French, Spanish or German

The specification covers three distinct themes. These themes apply to all four question papers. Students are expected to understand and provide information and opinions about these themes relating to their own experiences and those of other people, including people in countries/communities where the language is spoken.

Theme 1: Identity and culture

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

Course structure

Paper 1 - Listening

What's assessed...

Understanding and responding to different types of spoken language.

How it's assessed 

• Written exam: 35 minutes (Foundation Tier), 45 minutes (Higher Tier) 

• 40 marks (Foundation Tier), 50 marks (Higher Tier) worth 25% of the GCSE. 

(Each exam includes 5 minutes’ reading time of the question paper before the listening stimulus is played).

Paper 2 - Speaking

What's assessed...

Communicating and interacting effectively in speech for a variety of purposes.

How it's assessed 

• Non-exam assessment 

• 7–9 minutes (Foundation Tier) + preparation time 

• 10–12 minutes (Higher Tier) + preparation time 

• 60 marks (for each of Foundation Tier and Higher Tier) worth 25% of the GCSE

Paper 3 - Reading

What's assessed…

 Understanding and responding to different types of written language

How it's assessed 

• Written exam: 45 minutes (Foundation Tier), 1 hour (Higher Tier) 

• 60 marks (for each of Foundation Tier and Higher Tier) worth 25% of the GCSE

Paper 4 - Writing

What's assessed…

Communicating effectively in writing for a variety of purposes

How it's assessed 

• Written exam: 1 hour (Foundation Tier), 1 hour 15 minutes (Higher Tier) 

• 50 marks at Foundation Tier and 60 marks at Higher Tier worth 25% of the GCSE

Exam board specification link

The faculty also supports students in taking the GCSE in a range of other Modern Foreign Languages. In recent years, students have achieved a GCSE in Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Urdu.  


MFL Staff

Miss G Chagger

Faculty Leader

Mr D Pearson

Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of French and Spanish

Miss C Labreize

Achievement Leader and Teacher of French

Miss C Andrade De Azevedo

Acting Faculty Leader

Mrs G Adamou

Faculty Administrator