AVS Flag in Antarctica

20 Apr 2023
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A group of Key Stage 3 students who are members The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College’s geography club have worked together to design a unique flag as part of a competition ran by UK Polar Network.

In their weekly geography club the year 8 students were taught about Antarctica, Earth’s most southerly and least populated continent, by geography teacher, Kaylee McHale. The students then set about designing their flag.

As Antarctica does not have its own official flag, the UK Polar Network asked participating schools to design a flag which they believe symbolises this continent. Chosen flags designed by school children in the UK are then paired with researchers who are heading down to research station in Antarctica.

The flag designed by Avon Valley’s students features stars which represent the countries who’ve signed the Antarctic Treaty, wildlife that lives on or around Antarctica, the continents outline, and a blue background to symbolise the colour of the ocean.

The students were amazed when they received a photo of their flag being held in the far off continent by marine ecologists Emily Rowlands, Angelika Slomska and Ryan Saunders. The ecologists are based at Signy Island which is covered by a permanent ice-cap and is over 13,000km away from students’ school in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Headteacher, Alison Davies, said: “It is amazing to see that a piece of work created by our students has made its way to Antarctica and we are very grateful to the UK Polar Network for making this possible. Activities like this are an excellent way of inspiring young people, whilst helping them to learn.”