Charities and Social Action

At The Avon Valley School, we want all our young people to understand that not all communities in the world, or even in our locality, have their basic requirements met and that many struggle to meet the key needs of water, food and shelter. Within our own locality there is also real hardship and each year we reach out to local charities to support vulnerable people within our own community.

By ensuring that every students recognises that small contributions can make a big difference when we all work together, we aim to develop our students into socially aware young people who when they leave us at 16 will go on to continue to make a positive contribution to society in their adult life.

We encourage students to take a more active and independent approach to fundraising as they move up through the school.

Students will take part in:

  • the Christmas shoe box appeal for the charity Samaritan’s Purse

  • fundraising events for the annual Children in Need day

  • the school’s annual armistice service and fund raising for the British Legion

  • donating to the school’s annual foodbank collection

  • bake sales and non-uniform day fundraisers